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[Official] Jtag & RGH Support Thread

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  • [Official] Jtag & RGH Support Thread

    Official Jtag/RGH Support Thread
    Only users that can answer questions on this thread:

    In order for me to answer any of your questions on this thread you will need to answer the following questions:

    1.What motherboard
    2.RGH or Jtag
    3. What seems to be the problem ? Name anything recent that you have done to you console recently (update nands, etc)
    4. What physical errors are you seeing (2/3 RROD, RGH not booting, RGH booting slowly, Jtag getting E79,etc)
    5. Do you have your OG Nand ?

    By answering these questions you are letting me know what is wrong with your console and all its symptoms right off the bat. Please answer them, and it will make this thread painless, fast, and hopefully your questions will be answered ASAP.

    Coming Soon: RGH/Jtag Tips (ways to improve boot times,how to update to newest dash, etc)

    This tab will have install pics, showing the methods I use to give your console its best booting/function results. Going to be taking pictures shortly to share with CM.

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    I bought an rgh from you it was i think a xenon motherboard and a RGH and the problem is with the hard drive i get a E71 code and i did update freestyle dash and i installed halo 3 and modded .map files and add xbdm plugin