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CY-822B USB Led-Joystick Controller Board

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  • CY-822B USB Led-Joystick Controller Board

    The print on the back reads USB CY-822B led-joystick.

    MODE - this port is absolutely useless. Might as well fill it in with hot glue. What does it do? It switches the Joystick input from the digital d-pad to the analogue joystick. Thing is, this board doesn't have the analogue joystick socket. It may be possible to solder on some sort of connection for an analogue joystick, but that will have to be for another post.

    TURBO - this button is used by pressing it PLUS any other of the switch buttons. Let's say I want to put the L1/A button into auto fire. It press AUTO and L1/A at the same time. L1/A is now in auto fire mode. Instead of having to tap tap tap constantly on L1/A, I can just hold it down, and the controller will tap tap tap for me.

    CLR - this clears the button. If L1/A is in AUTO mode, I press CLR + L1/A to set it back to normal mode.

    AUTO - use it in the same way as TURBO. The difference is the controller will tap tap tap the button without me having to press the button.

    This board is designed to pass USB 5V to an LED button.
    Depending on how the connector cable is configured, the LED in the button will either always be on, or only illuminate when pressed.





    Outer Pin (OP), Centre Pin (CP), Inner Pin (IP).

    OP is COMMON or GROUND. IP and CP read at 5V. Pressing the button closes the connection between OP and CP, grounding CP. Depending on how the button is wired, the LED on IP is either grounded always (always on), or the LED needs the button to be pressed to complete the circuit (illuminate on press).

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