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Cable Levels (Adjust Internet Quality)

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  • Cable Levels (Adjust Internet Quality)

    For a good connection:
    The Upstream (Tx) should be between 35- 51
    The Downstream (RX) should be between -11 and 11

    Downstream (Rx) Receive Power Level:
    This is the amount of signal received by the modem from the transmitter in the cable company head-end.

    For all modems:
    -15 dBmV to +15 dBmV maximum.
    -12 dBmV to +12 dBmV recommended.

    0 dBmV is the "optimal" level.

    Upstream (Tx) Transmit Power (a.k.a. Return Signal) level:
    This is the amount of signal transmitted by the modem to reach the receiver in the cable company head-end.

    +8 dBmV to +58 dBmV maximum for QPSK. (DOCSIS 1.x)
    +8 dBmV to +55 dBmV maximum for 8 QAM and 16 QAM. (DOCSIS 1.x)
    +8 dBmV to +54 dBmV maximum for 32 QAM and 64 QAM. (A-TDMA DOCSIS 2.0)
    +8 dBmV to +53 dBmV maximum for S-CDMA DOCSIS 2.0 modulation rates.

    Recommended upstream signal levels are +35 dBmV to +52 dBmV.

    Most cable modems have a built-in status page that will show you the current signal levels.
    Simply login to the modem same way your would do to change your Wi-Fi Setting and fine the status page.
    You can buy Amplifiers and Reduces and put them on the cable line to adjust the levels.

    Anytime you add a splitter you drop the signal on the line see diagram bellow, most splitters have the loss labeled see chart for standard loss.

    2-way Splitter -3.5dB
    4-way Splitter -7dB
    8-way splitter -11dB
    100' RG6/U QS Cable -5dB
    100' RG59 Cable -7dB
    Click image for larger version

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